When examining a competitor’s website, a marketer should evaluate the number of visitors that the site receives every day, the amount of users who follow the company’s social media profiles and the quantity of referring domains that can offer high-quality backlinks. An advertiser may also determine the site’s positions in the search results and the keywords that provide visitors, and certain tools may indicate which companies post ads that are associated with particular keyword phrases.

Analyzing a Site’s Backlinks and SEO

When using Majestic’s software, you can analyze the domain names that contain backlinks for a competitor’s site and the PageRank of every website that contains an incoming link. The tool may also determine the dates on which Google’s virtual bot indexed certain backlinks and can list the anchor text of each link.

An incoming link’s value can be augmented if the link is situated within the first two paragraphs of the page’s post and is naturally surrounded by relevant keywords. When a webpage is connected to many internal links, the links will rapidly boost the value of each of the page’s backlinks.

Majestic also gives a custom score to each website, and this rating is based on the positions of keywords, the number of high-quality articles that the website contains and the cumulative value of the site’s links. The word count of a page’s post can also affect the ratings of the site, and in general, a webpage with an article that contains at least 450 words will receive higher rankings than pages that have shorter posts.

The Website’s Features

A marketer should identify phrases that are situated in meta descriptions and the number of new articles that the web designer posts every month. When evaluating content, the tool can calculate the keyword density of each post, and generally, an article that has a keyword density of 1 percent to 4 percent can obtain the highest positions in the search results.

You may use Google’s tool in order to examine the uptime of a competitor’s site and the rapidity of the website’s server. When monitoring a website that you own, you can opt to receive notifications if your site experiences downtime, and the software will offer analytics that evaluate the performance of your website’s server. If you want to dig even deeper – you can check if their using landing page using SEMRush and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. You can also find out if their doing any adwords ppc management.

Evaluating Traffic

SEMrush’s software allows web designers to determine the amount of traffic that a site receives from organic search results and paid advertisements google adwords The tool automatically calculates the percentage of visitors who may have searched for each relevant keyword phrase that is associated with the site, and the software can indicate the likely cost of the traffic. Moreover, the program offers charts that show long-term increases in a website’s traffic.

Social Media Optimization

When a competitor posts updates on social media profiles, SEMrush can allow you to calculate the number of people who shared the post. The software is also able to evaluate the amount of users who have followed a specific page within a certain time period and the percentage of individuals who refer friends to the profile. Moreover, an advertiser can calculate the number of followers who actively communicate with the business by adding comments or liking posts.

Examining Keywords

By utilizing Majestic’s tools, a web designer can determine a website’s positions in the search engines, and the advertiser may evaluate the amount of visitors that each keyword phrase provides and the quantity of searches that are associated with a keyword. The software can also indicate the number of websites that are competing for rankings that are related to particular keywords, and the tool can specify the PageRank of each website.

If an advertiser is managing a pay-per-click campaign, the marketer will be able to evaluate the average cost for each click and the highest bid for a keyword phrase. The analytics will also show a list of results that may be related to every search. Read more from the ppcmasterminds team